Hello World!


Well I am 25 year old man, kinda rolling with life and hoping I’m doing the right thing…if there is such thing as right (deep I know). I am currently in my first year of my PhD in Psychology, and I am as passionate about learning as I am working. Nonetheless, I am the same as you. I crave chocolate/ice cream when I’m feeling vulnerable (followed by a romantic comedy), I enjoy going out to bars/clubs with my friends and dancing the night away as well as the cheeky pizza on the way home!

For me, life experience is precious, whether that is in the form of employment, romantic endeavors, or relationships with peers, and even those amazing people you meet travelling or on holiday. I am also a keen activist and I one day hope to work in the international development context and hopefully run a social enterprise or two. This would have to include some form of conservation work, as I am extremely passionate about ensuring our wildlife and environment is not quietly destroyed.

Hopefully, this introduction has given you a little taster of what I am keen to blog about.


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