Mum’s Wedding!

Hi all and a happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year?!

It has been a hectic festive season this year. To kick start December, it was my mum’s wedding! My mum and her now husband, were organising the entire event themselves, whereby they had been purchasing, planning and seeing through the wedding operations since December 2015! Moving forward to the day before the wedding, I had three of my good friends come over to help with the interior of the venue as well as cooking and making sure the final touches were ready for the day of the ceremony and reception. I naively thought we were on the ball and would be in bed by 10pm. However, this was naive thinking as we didn’t get to bed until 3am and were up at 5:30am that morning to continue preparing the food. Time swiftly moved on and before I knew it I was nervously waiting to walk my mum down the aisle. I think, if my turn ever comes around, I will follow in the foot steps of Julia Roberts and potentially be a runaway groom!

I was so nervous, so proud, so excited for my mum and her new chapter. My mum was so elegant, looked so beautiful and held her poise. Her son, me, not so much. Soon after the vows were exchanged, those water works were turned on and I could not find the stop tap. I have never looked on marriage as something I would want to do, nor have I thought I wouldn’t like to get married. Though, as the powerful words left the bride and grooms mouth, I was hit by the committment and dedication between two people, founded in a nest of tangled love. It shifted my outlook towards my understanding of love and what it means to me. However, I am no expert – “just learning to love, just starting to crawl” (A Great Big World – Say Something).

I am sure many can relate to this, but in this moment I felt so lucky to be surrounded by my friends, my family and new family members. I was filled with pride and love for the happy couple. But I that day, was also saying good bye to what once was, and my memories of my mum and dad from years ago and the stories I held, in a book I found difficult to let go. I looked at my sister and we didn’t have to say anything, but we both knew we shared this moment of peace and love for our mum and step dad, and our end to a chapter. After the ceremony, we headed to the reception venue for food and drink. It is safe to say that I had my fair share of drink and not so much food, so I ended up heading to bed a little earlier than everyone else, after hours of getting down on the dance floor with my friends, family and my dance partner (my little nephew). So drink responsibly kids and make good choices! Words I wish I reminded myself more often.

My mum and step pops decided to hold a two-day event, so day two was just the evening reception. My mum’s vision for the interior of the venue and the display for food stalls was very different to the previous day, so me and my army of friends were supporting mum and pops, to transform the venue as well as cook the food for the evening. It all came together half an hour before guests were arriving so it was a quick shower and change to head back for food, drink and a boogy! The evening was full of laughter and cheer, love for the bride and groom and joy for the entire event. It is safe to say all the hard work mum and pops had put into the wedding, had paid off. The guests adored the quaint gifts and concept of the interior, my little nephew and cousin consumed enough e-numbers to run a mini marathon and we danced and sang and toasted to the happy new couple!

The family honeymoon…

As it was both my mum’s and pop’s second wedding, they decided they wanted something more casual and with all the family. They are probably regretting that now after the intense family vacay. I am just kidding! Hehe! We had booked to stay at Ribby Hall, and were lucky enough to have the ‘The Whitehouse’ to ourselves, which included an outside hot tub, a sauna and lots of space for everyone. During our stay, some of us went on a Segway rally, the gym (with a compulsory trip for a coffee and cake on route back to the villa), swimming and even spa treatment. Besides all of the luxuries, it was great to spend quality time with those close to me – my family mean the world to me and to stand still in take in each of one their progress as individuals is amazing. I am so proud of them all. Many memories were made during this break and I hope we can all re-group next year to spend time together again.

Thanks for reading folks. Wishing you all the best for 2017! Health, happiness and peace. Me owt! πŸ™‚


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