Elections here I come…

Hi folks! I hope you are all well?!

So within a week, I had moved out from my parents and my incredibly kind friends’ houses (yes, I was one of those lodgers) and have decided to run as a candidate in the student elections, for the role of Education Officer. This has been something that I have been considering for a while now, but, it was earlier this week that I was asked by a current officer and friend of mine, if I was running and the “no I can’t this year, I’m so busy with studies, work” and so on, turned into “yes can I have a meeting I am very interested.”

So why do I want to run in the elections? 

  • I have experience in running in past elections, including being elected as Open Place Councillor last year.
  • I believe it is very important to bring attention to student concerns, challenges, and queries in such a highly socialised space like University institutes.
  • I have gained a lot of wider understanding of the importance of education, particularly, ensuring that each and every student, regardless of background, has equal access to participating in education, upon entry and then throughout their time as a student.
  • Last year, I was part of the WorldMerit, Merit360’s programme. The aims of this project is to ignite the minds of the youth in tackling the United Nations – 17 Sustainable Development Goals. I worked with a diverse team of individuals from all over the world and was exposed to some of the global issues people are facing every day, to varying degrees. It was here, I recognised the power of politics. More importantly, I witnessed how powerful a collection of people from different positions, countries, cultural and religious backgrounds, can unite and create a movement that can overcome adversity and corruption. It was here, I began to find my voice and purpose.

Why should I be elected Education Officer? 

  • I am currently in my first year of my PhD (Psychology) exploring success in education. I have gained a wealth of knowledge so far and know this would benefit me in raising awareness to some of the challenges I have noted presently.
  • I am keen to learn and unveil some of the dynamics that often construct boundaries among certain groups of students.
  • I want to empower students in not just their learning journey, but take into account the growing pressure to secure a job after university, with the extremely competitive market.
  • Learn from the students, draw on their talents not just what is based in the classroom, but their experiences they all have and bring to University. This will enable me to design workshops that support them in shaping their time at university and beyond.
  • Sustainability is a vital component, therefore, I would create schemes that can be continually maintained, ongoing and successful through the student population.

My manifesto points: 

  • Collaborating with the university to lead research into a DIVERSE CURRICULUM. This will operate to ensure that all students are empowered and given the tools to achieve.
  • Enhance the current PEER MENTORING SYSTEM, by introducing a STUDENT LED campus-wide, cross-cultural system that targets every student’s needs.
  • To introduce STUDENT LED CAREER WORKSHOPS, as I believe students can learn a lot from each others experiences and skill set.

The elections begin on the 6th March and end 8th March, so it is going to be a very busy couple of weeks planning. I would just like to say a massive thank you to all my friends who are supporting with the election giving up their time to do so. If anything described here is of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for reading.

Vote Jon Stephen #1 for Education Officer.





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