Years ago, my mum was giving me some advice on what to name the business I wanted to start at the time. The word was iconoclast. It didn’t sit with me quite as heavy, probably not at all, as it recently did. What did the word mean? “To be called an iconoclast today is usually kind of cool β€” they’re rugged individualists, bold thinkers who don’t give a hoot what tradition calls for ” (https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/iconoclast, 2016).

In some ways iconoclast for me, resonates with a movement. A current movement that I am so pleased to say I am a part of as are many other powerful, youth minded humans that are challenging current policy and procedures, to improve the lives of others. Therefore, if to better the lives of our friends from all over the world and the worlds precious inhabitants, then yes, I soak up the word iconoclast as part of my being and continually challenge myself and aim to encourage others to be their own iCon.


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